Monitoring and Evaluation of the Tanzanian Net Voucher Scheme (TNVS)

Principle investigator(s):Caroline Jones, Hadji Mponda
Funder:Tanzanian MOH. US President Malaria Initiatives (PMI)
Collaborator(s):Ifakara HRDC
Started:November 2004
Duration:2004- 2006
Summary:Research into the impact of vouchers for the purchase of nets distributed to pregnant women at antenatal clinics on equitable access to ITNs, on the impact of the approach on the commercial net market and on the sustainability of the approach.
Demand for research:Demand from the Tanzanian MOH and the Tanzanian ITN National Steering Committee
Target audience:National Policy makers
Possible influence on policy & practice:The results will be important to not only inform Tanzania policy on strategies for scaling-up ITN distribution, but also provide essential policy relevant information for other Ministires of Health in sub-Saharan Africa