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1. Malaria Transmission Consortium: monitoring and evaluations of malaria internventions in epidemic-prones areas of Kenya.

Principle investigator(s):Jon Cox
Funder:Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations via Notre Dame University, Indiana
Collaborator(s):Chris Drakeley (LSHTM); Mary Hamel, Nabie Bayoh, John Gimnig (KEMRI/CDC); Willis Akhwale (Ministry of Health, Kenya)
Summary:The purpose of the MTC is to develop tools with which to establish an evidence base to help malaria control program managers monitor malaria transmission and implement and adjust malaria control interventions across a range of malaria transmission intensities. The MTC will work with malaria control programmes to (1) identify simple, standardized and inexpensive methods for measuring malaria transmission through entomological, parasitological and serological techniques, and (2) in parallel evaluate transmission-reducing malaria control techniques,...
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